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Welcome to Energywriter, a business that encompasses my passions for writing and energy healing.
Energywriter can help you in a number of ways whether you need help with a writing project or healing. Please continue to the following pages to learn what I can do for you.
There is only one Source!
 The writer part of Energywriter, or me, Sharon Dillon, can provide well-written documents for any purpose. While I prefer writing humorous and contemplative essays, I shine in other areas as well — writing and/or editing your text for brochures, flyers, teaching manuals, how-to books, true and fictional stories, speeches and more.
I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Communication from Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Experience includes being a reporter, online essay writer, photographer, layout designer and copy editor for the Sussex-Surry Dispatch and The Madison Times newspapers in Wakefield, Virginia and Madison, Wisconsin, respectively.
My articles have been published in a number of magazines, covering such topics as senior issues, health, aviation, natural resources and more.
For three years I worked as a copy editor for an international sustainable living project sponsored by US AID and the University of Wisconsin.
Other work in this area includes aviation/aerospace education outreach, training officer and tour guide.
Cost is determined according to the project’s difficulty.
The energy part of Energywriter received Usui Reiki Master practitioner certification in 2001 and Master Teacher certification in 2006. I teach Reiki levels 1, 2, 3 and teacher. Please click on “Reiki” to learn when the next class is scheduled. Lineage is available upon request.
Additional energy work studies include Transfigura-Regeneration, Reflexology and Quantum Touch.
By becoming a willing channel for the healing energies of God/Source/Universe to travel through me, I can offer healing for the client’s highest good. I am not a doctor. Clients must be willing to accept the universal energy for healing to occur.
Cost per healing session is $55 for an hour or $30 for 1/2 hour. Multiple sessions may be necessary to provide complete relief. You can purchase gift certificates for either class or healing sessions.
Please contact Energywriter at energywriter@cox.net and learn how I can help you reach your goals.
Williamsburg, VA
By appointment only

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