Thoughts to Ponder April 17, 2013

  • Posted on April 17, 2013 at 8:15 am

Thoughts to Ponder

April 17, 2013

“It is understandably human nature to see yourself as small;

Until you stop seeing yourself as just human.

Should be easy for you.

You are pure energy, infinite, inexhaustible and irresistible.”

. . . TUT – A Note from the Universe


When an incident we consider a disaster, such as Monday’s bombing in Boston, occurs we tend to feel small and ineffective. Truthfully, we are very powerful. We can impact this, or any, situation for the better. Our guides have assured us that those people who transition in such an event go straight to heaven as angels. They do not have to pass go or collect $200. The guides have also assured us that while we are sleeping we are, in fact, on site working with those who are injured in any way. These are big thoughts to ponder and accept.

If they seem too much to comprehend, we can focus on how to help while in our human bodies. All of us have healing power, whether or not we’ve studied any particular method of energy healing. We have the power of prayer and intention. We don’t need a formal ritual. Just a thought will send healing energy to our intended destination.

This brings us back to our imaginary smallness. We are much larger, stronger and wiser than we can conceive. We can help heal these emergencies, and closer to home we can help heal personal crises. Today’s mediation is my favorite way to send healing to any situation.



Spirit, it is my intent to be a clear and perfect channel for peace, love, joy and healing energy to be used for the highest good for all who have been impacted by the events in Boston. We know that all is in divine order and are grateful that we are here to assist in any way necessary.

And, so it is.


Sharon Dillon,,

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